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Game of thrones: Game over

Today (Moscow time, in fact, tomorrow) in the world rolling out the eighth and final season of the series “Game of thrones”. Let’s try to analyze the reason for such a furious popularity, and at the same time remember the most spectacular moments of the film adaptation.

In truth, the word “series” is not too to face this large-scale project, which broke all possible records. For example, the sixth season gathered about 26 million viewers per episode, thus becoming the most popular in the history of HBO. And the fee of each actor who played the title character in the seventh season was about $ 2.5 million per episode.George Martin, who wrote not only the book, divided into several parts, but also worked on the script, repeatedly appealed to disgruntled readers/viewers, explaining the reasons for the inconsistency of the original source of the series: “If we were to film in detail each part, we would still shoot the first book. We are forced to reduce, reduce and simplify. Just accept it.”
And yet: eight seasons or 73 hour series! So don’t be modest, grandpa Martin.The rights to the film adaptation of the series of novels “a Song of Ice and Fire”, published since 1996, tried to buy several film companies. The writer said no to everyone, making an exception to David Benioff and Dan Weiss after learning of their intention to collaborate with HBO.One reason was that Martin himself was a fan of the TV series “Rome” and ” the Sopranos.” The second is the personal attitude of Benioff and his colleagues to the work of Martin: both writers were great connoisseurs of the cycle and, apparently, had a clear idea of the final product.

D. Martin surrounded by actors (M. Fairley, M. Williams, S. Turner, K. Harington, N. Koster-Waldau, P. Dinklage) and D. Benioff with D. Weiss
All three agreed on the format of the “series for adults” with the necessary components-perfect graphics, bright, including negative, characters, as well as a complete lack of censorship: probably never scenes of violence on television were not so spectacular, and sex-so diverse. And while the team took big risks, given Benioff’s lack of producing experience with Weiss, the project fully paid off, becoming the most high-profile and expensive television event of the last decade.
From the first season the viewer plunges into the world of the conditional middle Ages, where man to man is not even a wolf, but a direwolf. Several storylines and many characters confuse the first couple of series, but then involved in all these vicissitudes of the viewer with a sinking heart waiting for the continuation: what is it with the Starks, and what is it with the Lannisters?Parallel lines develop with the Wall, behind which-the area of icy evil and gaining strength Daenerys Targaryen. Besides, mankind, the world is infested with mystical beings like the mysterious White Walkers, magicians and dragons.

Still from the film: Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister
However, the film adaptation would never have become a fairy tale for adults and would not have received the title of “the most successful series” if the plot had not been flavored with a mix of the relationship of the characters, their passions and Shakespearean intrigues. The atmosphere of hatred here is heated to the limit, well, love… “What can you not do for love!»
Some scenes can be characterized by the words “shock and awe” – remember the execution of the conscience of the first season, Eddard stark (Sean Bean). At the same time injustice of “Games” is rather relative: when ned’s head flies from shoulders in the eyes of crowd, in the eyes of his daughter, mentally for some reason you come back to the first series of a season where severe and fair stark with an unwavering hand executes the frightened deserter though that and repents, and asks to forgive.

Footage from the film: the execution of ned stark and the execution of the deserter ned
All viewers will surely remember the ninth series, perhaps the most eerie moment of the third season, and perhaps the entire series. Here even have logs something would Yes skipped a beat. A separate section on YouTube are selections with the reaction to the “Red wedding” of viewers of all races and nationalities:the line of Martin’s pen is paradoxical and does not know compassion: like flies, the Starks and their unborn children, beloved by the viewer, die. But again, for some reason, I remember the ever-sour grimace of “yazhemateri” Catelyn with her initiatives and antipathy to the bastard Jon snow. Or young Robb, who in the face of a difficult confrontation lives feelings and does not keep his promises. So Martin’s cruelty is, Yes, excessive, but is it so pointless?

Still from the film: the murder of Catelyn stark
Rare acts of justice here-a real Hollywood: no you hopelessness when it comes to ” punish the villain.” Did anyone feel sorry for Viserys Targaryen, who had won his crown, or Joffrey Baratheon, or Ramsey Bolton? Sansa’s dying message to Bolton — “your house will disappear, your name will disappear, all memory of you will disappear” — sounds like a prophecy. It is here that the melting of the uncomplaining dove into blue steel takes place.
By the way, all the key female characters are distinguished by an unprecedented strength of spirit, as if eve was not born from Adam’s rib, but Vice versa. Daenerys, cynically sold once to khal Drogo, gains confidence after self-immolation and now leads not only the army, but also the trio of dragons; Arya stark from the kid with the “needle” turns into a professional killer. Margaery Tyrell, knowing about the monstrous nature of Joffrey, and without batting an eye builds a relationship with him. Well, the vitality, cunning and cynicism of Cersei has no limit. “Tears aren’t a woman’s only weapon, the best you’ve got between your legs” — it addresses the Sansa.

The world of Westeros is ruled by women, who are shaded by dwarfs, cripples, henpecked and an army of castrates. Even the seemingly courageous Jon snow is ironically first influenced by the brisk wildling and then the power — hungry Mother of dragons. Can we consider this author’s view of things feminism?Thus, in addition to a diverse mythical world, a huge number of characters (most of the actors unknown to a wide range of viewers-theatrical, so the drama here is presented at the highest level), the lack of censorship, the series is also attractive modern spirit. If you add to everything written stunning visual component, we will not have a single question about the reasons for the popularity of “Game of thrones”.
After the release of “Thrones” the word “series” no longer sounds dismissive, is not associated with gum, stretched over many series. Actions develop rapidly, the characters Mature not only biologically: the viewer sees the transformation of key characters associated with a complex internal struggle (like Jaime Lannister, for example, or the Dog), and is imbued with sincere sympathy for the original villain.Such examples reveal the writer’s understanding of the dual nature of man: a close friend yesterday may be the worst enemy today, and the executioner-unexpectedly lend a helping hand. Is this picture at least in something contrary to reality? Or is it nothing more than a whim of book nerd Martin to lead us by the nose?

Still from the film: Sandor Clegane and Sansa stark
What remains a myth is the justice of the “Games”: the villains pay for their crimes too painfully, too theatrically. But the viewer something likes krovi in including and for such exaggerations.
And another important point: “Matures” the narrative itself, departing in recent seasons from the cycle of violence and copious sex scenes, and focusing on the problems of social equality, religion and the global confrontation between good and evil.

Still from the movie: King of the Night
“Even before the series, my book was a huge success. But with the first series of popularity has become prohibitive. Undoubtedly, even just a successful series adds popularity, but “Game of thrones — is the best series in the world,” George Martin is not modest. And really, what modesty can a writer with an income of about $ 15 million per season have?We, ordinary spectators, are waiting: will justice finally prevail? And by the way, what about the White Walkers?

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