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The ghoulish seven: top scariest movies of the 2000s (part 2)
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"The first player to get ready": from geeks, about geeks, for geeks
Steven Spielberg rarely makes movies lately. But it seems as if the project" the First player to prepare " (Ready Player One) was created for him. It is an action-adventure,…

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Best horror movie soundtracks

Ever wondered what makes a horror soundtrack truly great? First, there is the ever-present tension-mostly between seemingly simple melodies and the ominous sounds that gradually supplant them. Secondly, the abundance of esoteric instruments (the theremin has never sounded so convincing). The clumsy sound is the basis of most tracks. Derived from these chords the whole song is not so easy — perhaps that is why so many “raw” soundtracks to horror films. Fortunately, none of them are on this list.

The concept of lightness and ambiguity plays an important role here. Do you know that feeling that something is wrong? The very best horror movie soundtracks do it in an unusually subtle, slow, gradual way, moving away from your sense of security. Many melodies fade, being separated from their film, or at least lose the effect of their impact. But almost all tracks from this list are exceptions, because the music in them is something more than just an accompaniment of actions on the screen. Suppose the lights go out in your house… and one of these melodies begins to sound. Let’s say as the soundtrack to your life. And here it is-this agonizing, stomach-churning ordeal. Perfectly perfect for the days leading up to Halloween. Tickle your nerves with these devilish sounds and watch movies from the collection, especially all of them are worthy of your attention. With the exception of the film “Fortress” (perhaps you won’t be missing much if you skip it).1. Philip glass, “Candyman” (Candyman, 1992) the Haunting chorus of the track “Cabrini green”, seasoned with light optimistic notes, is not dissimilar to the tracks from Nils FRAM’s album “All Melody”. The voices of the choir will send shivers down your spine. The storyline of urban horror “Candyman” is developing rapidly, and the music perfectly complements it.
Release notes: during a press release in 2014, this soundtrack was first recorded on vinyl and appreciated. The soundtrack to “Candyman” was released on black records in special envelopes with a description (obi strip), as well as on vinyl in yellow-black, yellow and silver colors.

2. Riz Ortolani, “cannibal Hell” (Cannibal Holocaust, 1980)What beautiful music! And how perverse the plot… The contrast of sensations: some heavy and disturbing, others-soft, whimsically comforting. It is these contradictions that make the film so shocking. The light and dreamy melody contrasts with the carnage taking place on the screen. Just listen: there is always something besides the deep and fuzzy sound of the synthesizer…Although this dissonance can hardly be traced, if you listen to the soundtrack itself.Release notes: the cannibal Hell soundtrack was first released on vinyl in 2015.

3. Disasterpeace, ” It ” (it Follows, 2014)Climaxes into a terrifying melody with a low, unhurried sound and bass that slips and then accelerates just before it stops. Resemblance to the hugely popular soundtrack to the TV series ” Very strange things “(eng. Stranger Things) is obvious. One example is heroic melodies that try to supplant one another, but then slowly merge into a dark and mysterious sound.The music from ” It ” is so heavy in places — these unreal low notes-that it seems as if it pulls you straight into a black abyss. The debut of composer rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace) in the horror genre was definitely a success.Release notes: there are a number of beautiful LP designs with this record, including blue and blue vinyl and purple marble.4. John carpenter,” Halloween ” (Halloween, 1978)John carpenter shot the first part of the film of the same name with a very small budget. He co-wrote the script, directed the crew and even wrote the music. A great example of how a synthesizer is able to Express conflicting keys. Keystroke… Lord, how could it be possible to increase anxiety almost immediately after joining?You feel an increasing tension because of the tempo, which is not typical in music at all. The abundance of high keys stops. And you find yourself on the brink.Release notes: the track was Originally released in Japan, and copies in special envelopes (obi strip) are extremely rare. However, as and the first cassettes.5. Tangerine Dream, “Fortress” (the Keep, 1983) Who chose tangerine Dream to create the soundtrack to the horror film? It is known that they have already written music for several films of other genres. It’s unclear how they did it, but believe me, the soundtrack to “Fortress” is exceptionally good! The first in the film “Puer Natus Est Nobis” is a perfect example of this.Tangerine Dream resort to constant microtonal swings of the synthesizer throughout the recording. And you know, there are really amazing synthesizer melodies. The unexpectedly beautiful sound of the track fits into the aesthetics of the film, making it a good addition to the bizarre plot.

Release notes: Incredibly rare discs. Far from cheap! Want to know what a $ 345 CD looks like? Stop at this point in the list.6. Ennio Morricone,” something “(the Thing, 1982)this time John carpenter entrusted the writing of music to the famous composer Ennio Morricone (author of the composition for the classic Western “Good, bad, evil”). Who loves Bourdon in orchestral music? (Bourdon-continuously stretching tone or musical interval, against which the melody unfolds). I love, but for many it is not the most pleasant reception. In this track Bourdon is present much more than in the rest of the tunes from our list. Ideal for the desolate icy landscape prevailing in the film.Release notes: in recent years, these tracks have been released in beautiful new formats, and many copies have been issued on white vinyl with a reference to the Arctic aesthetic. Nevertheless, the quality of the recording and the high price make the original recordings of 82 years an excellent choice.

7. Goblin, “Suspiria” (1977)Innocence and villainy. It seems strange, but often one cannot exist without the other. The soundtrack to the tape “Suspiria”, created by the Italian rock band Goblin, conveys this concept to the maximum. The track is exciting, full of life, and therefore naturally became a classic. You get used to it, to soon feel how it literally absorbs you, driving you into a depressed state.Release notes: the First releases are significantly cheaper than the new ones. There were also a few extremely limited and in high demand (they have been released by the company “Light in the Attic records”).8. Several composers, “the Shining” (1980)Masterpiece performed by the orchestra! The atonality alone is enough to send shivers down your spine. Somehow the violins move into what I would call ” chamber micro-tonality.” When you listen to this recording, you may not even realize that you are looking at the soundtrack to a horror film, and this definitely makes it stand out from our list.Release notes: This soundtrack has never been re-released since 1980, making finding a copy a challenge and purchasing it an expensive pleasure. Strange, considering its magnificence. Fingers crossed he’ll come out again soon!

10. Jerry goldsmith, “Alien” (1979) One of the last and best works of composer Jerry goldsmith. An abundance of esoteric sounds can be found on almost every track. Continuously pounding the bass speeds up your heart rate. This musical series served as a prototype for the creation of many songs from this list.
Release notes: in recent years, it has been loved for re-release — most likely an attempt to capitalize on the hype caused by sequels. Beware of the latest copies released by Mondo. Although the recording is undeniably beautiful, the reviews indicate the presence of noise.

If you think that in this list there should be some more soundtracks, write about it in the comments.

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