Game of thrones: Game over
Today (Moscow time, in fact, tomorrow) in the world rolling out the eighth and final season of the series "Game of thrones". Let's try to analyze the reason for such…

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"Rocketman": rock ' n ' roll trip through the corridors of someone else's soul
It seems that the era of musical biopics is beginning again in the film industry. But" Rocketman " (Rocketman) has one huge difference from most of these pictures: the main…

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"Captain marvel": friendly neighbor Carol Danvers
Although a single cinematic universe Marvel and appeared earlier kinovselennoy DC, a solo film about a female character in it came out just now. In the tape "Captain marvel" (Captain…

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“Quiet place”: hush, mice, cat on the roof

“A quiet place” (a Quiet Place) – a new film is not yet very famous in our area Director John Krasinski next week in the Russian box office. The film has already received 100% out of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes; its script was noted among the top ten last year, well, Krasinski himself received comparisons with influential Hollywood Directors.

“Quiet place” immerses the viewer in an almost deserted world — from the first shots it seems ideal: picturesque views of nature, lush greenery and impassable trails, mountain rivers and twilight fields. Looks like a dream, eco-camp for the elite. Why then are the faces of the parents so sad, the children look anxiously into the distance in fear of once again moving, and the evening prayer of the family is silent?”A quiet place” is a fantasy world created by Director John Krasinski and screenwriters Scott Beck and Brian woods, in which silence is the only way to stay alive: a blind something appears out of nowhere, barely hearing the slightest sound, and kills.
That is why in an isolated, secluded world the communication of the family takes place in the language of special gestures, lettuce leaves are used instead of dishes, and movements around the house are as silent as possible. The only question is, how long can the silence, which in Krasinski’s version has really become gold of the highest standard, last?

The film was produced by Michael Bay, Director of the highest-grossing fantasy action films and producer of famous Hollywood horror films. The scale and scope of ” a Quiet place “is not “transformers”, but the idea of horror is repeated: and “the Horror of Amityville”, and “Friday the 13th”, and “Texas chainsaw massacre” touch on the theme of irrational evil-wild, senseless and bloodthirsty.

Millie Simmonds, Noah Joop, John Krasinski and Michael Bay
Krasinski’s evil is inexplicable: the viewer can only guess at its origin, and visually it is likely to resemble the creations of Ridley Scott or John carpenter. An interesting technique that uses Krasinski: in the tension of the viewer keeps not the visual series, although it is certainly good. Perhaps the film will be a pleasant surprise for the audience, because in a world where you can not use the voice in full force, every sound – rustling leaves, birds singing, rare, barely perceptible whisper of the characters-becomes unique, acquiring an amazing volume and purity. It becomes really creepy in those moments when someone’s careless movement breaks the silence. However, permanent excitement during viewing – from the realization that any careless sound is potentially dangerous.

The main roles in the film were played by Krasinski himself (known for the role of Jim Halpert in the TV series “the Office”) and Emily blunt (“the Killer”, “the Girl on the train”), who in real life are husband and wife. By the way, this is their first joint work, not counting the Muppets, where they didn’t share any scenes.Emily blunt as the mother is even more convincing than as a kidnapping agent. “We must protect them! Who else but us? Evelyn says to her husband. Well, we understand that the actress does not just get used to the role, that the theme of family is close to both of them — and her, and Krasinski.A lot of significant details that create the mood. At the very beginning, the operator gives a close-up of the house with expensive household items, including children’s toys-a reminder of the deceased son. The scene with the heartbeat of Evelyn’s unborn child is extraordinarily expressive: it conveys without a single word, very emotionally, the despair of the mother, resigned to the idea that her baby will enter a world in which the crying of birth contradicts life.

Themes of intimacy, responsibility, love and forgiveness make you think and raise the declared genre of “mystery, horror” to a dramatic Thriller with elements of philosophy.
The film is built on contrasts: the beauty of the wild and the hideous (alien?) creation, contradictory feelings of the father to the daughter who became the culprit of death of the brother, a silent feast in the house and a thunder of a mountain waterfall. Therefore, despite the cinematic stamps, which, alas, Krasinski could not avoid, the numerous references to the films of previous years and the indistinct finale, the picture can not be attributed to the category of second-rate.

Yes, this is not a masterpiece, but rather a sample of the pen: in comparison even with the last “Stranger” Krasinski’s work loses in content. However, “a Quiet place” has an unconditional dignity that covers all the shortcomings: the creators managed to go beyond the declared genre, compensating for the shortcomings of a powerful dramatic component and casting of actors.
Well, let’s wait until the end of 2018, what else will they show us? But there is a possibility that “a Quiet place” will still be the best Thriller of this year.

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