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“Deadpool 2”: more action, more characters and more drama

Than in its time shot the first “Deadpool”? Graphic cruelty, jokes on the verge of not that decency, but just common sense, an attempt to turn upside down typical for superhero films cliches and, importantly, the ability to cram it all into a low-budget shell without losing enthusiasm. Released this week, “Deadpool 2” (Deadpool 2) spent more money and slightly moved away from the original scheme.

There is no, with idiotic jokes in sequel full order, about this worry not worth. As soon as the character of Ryan Reynolds (and someone says that Reynolds and Deadpool merged into one, much like Robert Downey Jr. and Iron man) opens his mouth, you know-soon there will be some gag, ridiculing the modern film industry, a sarcastic reference to pop culture or simply linguistic or even political pun. From this in the sequel, fortunately, did not refuse.But if the first “Deadpool” was a film quite simple, even straightforward, and because of this simplicity funny, the sequel decided to complicate a little, adding a handful of drama and a bucket of heartache. The first film focused on the chatty mercenary himself, while the second moved on to his inner circle and how everyone interacts with each other.Already in really the early viewers warn, that the film — family, Pro family and for family, focuses on relations the most different characters, on unlucky chance proved alongside the main hero. However, from the 18+ rating that does not rule — obscene humor the film is filled as profusely as the blood.In the Director’s chair this time is David Leitch, who in the credits is called “the man who killed the dog in “John Wick”.” On account of Leitch is “Explosive blonde”, and both of these films are different juicy, powerful action. In “Deadpool 2” with battle scenes everything is good-the choreography plays with realism and idiocy in the right proportions, the declared abilities of the characters are used to the fullest, and the battles themselves due to the increased budget became more. Fights in the film look nice and interesting — they are simply fascinating.

Together with the savory action, Leitch and the writers were able to fit a sentimental line into this murderous carousel so that it does not look out of place with a third leg sewn on. It gives the development as the main character, and those to whom the sentiment is directed. Familiar with the “Deadpool” only on the first film can begin to twist their faces, they say, well, what are you, “Deadpool” is not about it, he jokes about Asses and cuts all Katanas, and does not suffer from breakdowns of the soul. A person who has read comics, understands that the life of such a creature as Wade Wilson, carefree can not be called — it is full of a variety of UPS and downs, mainly, as is customary in superheroics, associated with the pain caused by loved ones, and the potential distancing themselves from society.

And in this sense, “Deadpool 2”, interestingly, became closer to the comic original and to what is called a movie comic. It has a stick-like storyline that gives the character development. The simplicity of the plot allows the authors to allow as little as possible logical inconsistencies and therefore fits perfectly into the concept of “Deadpool”, where logic, in General, in principle, should not be held in high esteem. On role villain took Josh Brolin, which in neighboring cinema hall, entirely Packed in CGI-a suit, destroys universes in movie “Avengers: war infinity”, and here just something acquired robotic hand and hates dubstep.

Brolin plays cable, a soldier who appears cliched and complains about a hard fate, seeking to make things right. It’s funny that between the heroes of Brolin and Reynolds traced a parallel-both at one time lost everything that was dear to them, including a place in life, but, finding themselves in such a difficult situation, suddenly found each other, greeted exchanged cuffs, and then began to fight for a common cause and in the end, as if it Even (I’m almost ashamed to write about it) a little tear-jerking. Crying over “Deadpool” is a special kind of perversion, but the writers managed to keep the right concentration of stupidity, drama and touching in the finale. I was surprised, unfortunately, by the absence of a reference to ” Lilo and Stitch “(the phrase “Ohana means family”), which, like many other jokes, would have come both to the place and out of place in the tear-choking moment and would have knocked the whole mood — as it should be in “Deadpool”.

In addition to cable, who has motivation for his actions and goes ahead with an icebreaker, in the zone of defeat of the talkative mercenary was played by Julian Dennison, a new Zealand mutant teenager of XL size (the lack of superhero costumes of this format in the film just laughs) named Russell, throwing fire. Deadpool’s relationship with a troubled teenager, also looking for his place and his people in this world, moves forward the plot of the film and eventually develops it into a simple idea, familiar from “fast and Furious”, and “Guardians of the galaxy”, and a ton of other modern films: the family is not the people with whom you are connected by blood ties, and those who are willing to be near you, even if you are going to kill them out of desperation. Sometimes these two sets overlap, but in superhero worlds it is very difficult to find such lucky characters.

By luck, by the way, also walked, taking in the company of the heroine Domino with an unexpectedly useful superpower — she is always lucky and butterflies flutter around the wings so that everything invariably develops in her favor. This ability allowed the filmmakers to master a couple of million more on devastating special effects and a deliberately ridiculous set of circumstances in action scenes. Domino herself was played by Zazi Bitz, who perfectly fit into this role, showing an adequate, realistic assessment of her abilities and the thrash girl happening around. Many in absentia condemned this caste because of the fact that the role of snow-white Domino took an African-American woman, but Zazi portrayed a super-lucky lover to shoot just fine.

Characters who helped Deadpool in the first part, appeared in this, and some of them during this time even managed to establish a personal life. Relationships with old acquaintances (as well as very old acquaintances), standing not even on the second, but on the third plan, are shown as cardboard as the film requires, and look in the frame correctly. This characters-functions, but so clearly spelled out and located in the right places, that cons in this there is no. They give the film in some moments of comicality, in others — cynicism, and sometimes just bring a share of something sweet and gentle.

As a result, “Deadpool 2” slightly swelled in terms of timing, got a couple of slightly tightened dialogue scenes, more action, more characters and more drama. And, surprisingly, this whole cocktail does not look worse than the first part. It looks like a return to the roots-both to the original comic book and to other superhero films. But this is Deadpool, and nothing happens to him like normal people. He seemed to have grown, became a little more serious and larger, but at the same time remained as close to the audience a crazy creature with a tongue without bones as before.
Therefore, the writers, Directors and Ryan Reynolds himself again turned out to be a film comic, which still remains unique, surprisingly organically combining deliberately flat and at the same time exquisite jokes with references to pop culture and drama. And does it not in an example better, than “infinity War”.

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