The success story of the Marvel cinematic universe and its impact on culture (part 1)
On Monday, April 29, in Russia started rolling the final picture in the current phase of the marvel cinematic universe- "Avengers: Final" (Avengers: Endgame). Marvel together with Disney went to…

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"Chronicles of predatory cities": the triumph of the picture over the meaning
Authors, artists and other creators regularly come up with a variety of ends of the world for our world, describe in detail the worlds that grow out of the ashes…

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"Detective Pikachu": the highest quality digital fur
Video game movies are usually unlucky. The writers are struggling to connect what is happening in the games sur with the real world and real logic, because of what they…

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“MiG”: 25 meters.

At the box office, a fantastic Thriller with a concise title ” Meg ” joint American-Chinese production. Declared in the list of the hottest new films of the summer season, the film of John Tertelbaum, for the first day of hire collected about 70 million rubles, undoubtedly attracts the viewer. Spectacular poster, popular since the distant 75th theme of deep-sea bounty hunters and, of course, the name of Jason Statham in the credits. Did the creators of “Mega” breathe new life into the prehistoric monster, or are we waiting for another disappointment like “Shark tornado”?

So, the plot is hideously simple, and maybe primitive: during one of the dives into the Mariana trench bathyscaphe research station is attacked by an incomprehensible entity of enormous size. The crew is on the verge of death, and the only hope of the team is the elite deep-sea pilot Jonas Taylor (Statham). Continue reading

Horror movie man: remastered and dubbed

How much anxiety audiophiles delivers the difference in sound of the two records, while literally next to the movie tracks there is a Texas chainsaw massacre. Discuss?

Mastering of the duplicated phonograms when change volume of channels, something dozapisyvayut and once again all Repack in lossy-formats Dolby and DTS-a subject of separate and sad conversation. About adventures of sound at localization of foreign cinema it is possible to compose legends, operas, and for the most part tragic. But it happens, by the way, that trepanation are subjected to their own films.Cartoons — the most defenseless in General, the soundtracks of Stalin’s cartoons were periodically replaced even when the USSR was alive — “Scarlet flower”, “snow Queen” , etc. Continue reading

Netflix’s best documentaries: untold stories

The American television network Netflix has a reputation for several years as a supplier of valuable documentaries, including both bright Oscar-winning works and large-scale scientific studies of modern society. Believe me, they deserve your attention as much as “Aquaman”. Let’s go!

“Oh, The Internet! Dreams of the digital world ” Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected world Duration: 1 h 38 minkultovy German Director and screenwriter Werner Herzog succinctly and gradually told about one of the most important inventions of mankind-the world wide web. His story begins in the “Holy of holies” – the office of the University of California, where the world’s first Internet device 1969-armored “Communicator packages”, the size of a human growth.The Director himself is the main character and narrator, periodically enters into dialogue with figures such as Elon Musk and Bob Kahn. Continue reading

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"Rocketman": rock ' n ' roll trip through the corridors of someone else's soul
It seems that the era of musical biopics is beginning again in the film industry. But" Rocketman " (Rocketman) has one huge difference from most of these pictures: the main…


Best horror movie soundtracks
Ever wondered what makes a horror soundtrack truly great? First, there is the ever-present tension-mostly between seemingly simple melodies and the ominous sounds that gradually supplant them. Secondly, the abundance…


"Quiet place": hush, mice, cat on the roof
"A quiet place" (a Quiet Place) - a new film is not yet very famous in our area Director John Krasinski next week in the Russian box office. The film…