History of self-censorship in Hollywood (part 2)
Self-censorship didn't work. Therefore, in 1968, the MPAA rating system appeared. And the debate about it has not subsided until the threat of government censorship , together with the court…

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"Spider-man: away from home": what do I want to be when I grow up?
Another marvel movie comic, spider-Man: far From Home, had to perform several tasks. He should somehow smooth out the effect of the "Finale", effectively launch a new phase in the…

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The success story of the Marvel cinematic universe and its impact on culture (part 2)
"Dr. Strange" raised important questions of belief in oneself and in the world, questions of perception of reality and how it can be influenced. It is impossible to leave aside…

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“Detective Pikachu”: the highest quality digital fur

Video game movies are usually unlucky. The writers are struggling to connect what is happening in the games sur with the real world and real logic, because of what they have a complete mess. The creators of “Detective Pikachu” (Detective Pikachu) went the other way — they drew a completely new, almost detached from our world and did not try to cram into it the whole history of a huge franchise. And so they succeeded.

Everything in “Detective Pikachu”, except, perhaps, a couple of people and a few objects-digital, unreal, lovingly drawn by animators to the last hair, to the smallest scratch on the building. Most often, studios offer to put digital animals in a real environment, but in “Detective Pikachu” the environment was drawn for these very animals, placing people in it. And, surprisingly, neither one nor the other superfluous in the film do not look. Even when they talk.I think this option of transferring the video game to the cinema screen provided the film with the most successful start among similar projects. In addition, we must not forget that Pikachu is voiced by Ryan Reynolds (and in Russia — Peter Glantz, according to tradition), and this makes in General a children’s film noticeably less childish.In Russia with a love of pokemon, all is not so simple. Yes, the series we played in Prime time, but portable game consoles Nintendo Game Boy, DS, 3DS and others for some reason were not popular, but Pokémon is, first of all, a game franchise. The majority of the Russian fans of pocket monsters acquainted with them through the anime, and I’m including. In 2014 on wave of nostalgia I and at all revised the entire receives more superficial treatment and all released to this moment polnometrazhki. But it was not possible to touch the games.

In other countries, Nintendo handheld consoles are more familiar to the average user, and that’s what this movie is aimed at. Pokemon is an amazing social phenomenon, and in terms of mechanics, the games themselves were quite revolutionary, because they included the procedure of exchanging pokemon with other players, which was not easy to implement technically.The ability to grow in the pocket of an amazing creature with unique abilities, check its combat qualities, find a few more such creatures-all this has made pokemon popular.
However, successful lines with established gameplay periodically need a shake-up with something unusual — most often spin-offs are released for this purpose. And the game “Detective Pikachu” refers to them. This is a simple quest in which you really need to solve crimes in a cartoon entourage.

The film is made just for this game and takes as a basis the plot of one of its parts-the story of the missing detective Harry Goodman and his partner Pikachu. Quite suddenly it turns out that Harry’s son, Tim, can understand what this Pikachu says, and together they decide to find Harry in the colorful town of rhyme city, where pokemon and people live in harmony and harmony.
It makes no sense to dwell on the plot: it is quite simple, classic for Hollywood stories with sudden partners and a couple of predictable turning points. Such a story about the friendship of a teenager with a strange creature was told many times — in “Alien” and “Transformers”, for example.The plot of the film is focused on children, and a slight note of adulthood is added to it by some replicas of Pikachu, which young viewers simply will not understand due to unspoilt. The jokes in the film are aimed mainly at fans of the franchise and are related to the characteristics and abilities of specific pokemon.

The most important thing in this film is the visual. It’s a real cgi feast. Reflections in the glass of the artificial skyscrapers of rhyme city, the study of the appearance of the pokemon themselves, and fur, God, what fur there!Pikachu is often shown close-up, and this touching fluffy muzzle, broadcasting the voice of Ryan Reynolds, the size of the entire screen, affects carefully modeled individual hairs and detailed, really lively facial expressions.Fur, as been paved fur, from the fall of the in water clearly gets wet, becomes dirty and hangs realistic icicles. From this fur riot after going to the cinema I want to go home and bury my nose in the belly of my native cat.But the non-fur-related achievements of digital animation are also on top. Pokemon transferred to the streets in the most fearless way. Yes, those that are supposed to cause strange sensations continue to look strange. The ones that have to hit the scale is really amazing.Features of these wonderful creatures are very organically inscribed in what is happening on the screen: crawling on the roofs of iPods do not seem alien, sleeping at the intersection of snorlax does not cause negativity — it’s snorlax, where he fell, there and sleeping, and nothing can be done about it. Around the corner, squirtles help put out the fire. And as mobile audio systems at events, stereo pairs of laudreds are used.Animators, screenwriters and all involved managed to create a truly living world, the image of which is very easy to believe — so it is worked out, thought out and close to what the games and anime showed, but at the same time corresponds to our reality.

I missed an epic or at least a fun soundtrack. Yes, there was a handful of retrovaves somewhere, a typical blockbuster orchestral composition was wedged in somewhere, but there was not enough music in the film. The sounds of the environment are worked out in great detail, which adds liveliness to the picture.The search for pokemon in this movie than something reminds the search for all Easter eggs and references in “First player prepare” -, too, very an exciting attractive opportunity for an over-familiar with franchise rights.Recently, in a conversation with friends, we decided that now the creative industry is driven by people aged 25-40 years, who grew up just on the franchises that became popular in the 80-90’s.and the main consumers of video games, movies and other entertainment content — most often the same people. Therefore, apparently, products that play on nostalgia for a happy childhood will appear more and more — because it’s time to enjoy them to those who are really interested in them.

“Detective Pikachu” – the film is for fans of pokemon. Simple, without any serious intrigue, with oak morality, but for those who in childhood hung calendars with pokemon, the refrigerator was decorated with stickers with them, and in the Cabinet under the TV were stored cassettes with full-length films, it is very important.This is such a properly worked out and processed nostalgia, enclosed in a modern shell and from this it has not lost an ounce of its charm, in no way trampled on the bright feelings of the audience. A three-dimensional fur adds even more sweetness.
For those who are not familiar with the franchise, the film will simply be able to show how to transfer video games with unrealistic design to the cinema. With love for the original, with care, with a huge amount of high-quality three-dimensional graphics, with careful study of the environment and maximum attention to small details. This film is simply a pleasure to watch.

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