"Quiet place": hush, mice, cat on the roof
"A quiet place" (a Quiet Place) - a new film is not yet very famous in our area Director John Krasinski next week in the Russian box office. The film…

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"Aladdin": this movie should be called " Jasmine»
"Aladdin" (Aladdin), seems, was the only cartoon Golden era Disney, where the main, Central character history was not Princess, and its intended-and this even reflected in the title. But in…

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"The first player to get ready": from geeks, about geeks, for geeks
Steven Spielberg rarely makes movies lately. But it seems as if the project" the First player to prepare " (Ready Player One) was created for him. It is an action-adventure,…

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unexpected bursts

“Isle of dogs”: an adult tale in which dogs are more human than humans

At the box office, Isle of Dogs is the second animated film by Wes Anderson, a self-taught American independent film Director. Known for his individual artistic manner, which is characterized by verified symmetry, “tasty” color palette and constant black humor, Our audience Anderson familiar films “Tenenbaum Family” (2001),” Train to Darjeeling “(2007),” Kingdom of the full moon “(2012) and “hotel” Grand Budapest” (2014).

We watched the cartoon and try to explain why it is worth watching and you.

So the mayor is a fantastic Japanese city of Nagasaki hate hate dogs accusing our brothers in the spread of a dangerous virus, they send them to the island. Garbage island, where dogs of all stripes, regardless of status and past achievements, are forced to live out their dog age. By the way, “dog” in this case is not a very appropriate definition: one of the distinctive features of Anderson’s animation is the humanization of animals, while people, on the contrary, are too schematic, and a whole army of anti-heroes relies on one positive character. Continue reading

Dreams come true: 10 films about the Christmas miracle

New year is a time when dreams come true, and it does not matter whether you live on 3rd street Builders or Fifth Avenue. We have compiled for you a Christmas selection of ageless classics, family and romantic comedies and original films that prove that miracles are close. Enjoy watching and magical new year mood!

Very Murray Christmas, 2015 merry Murray Christmas! Sofia Coppola’s musical (“Marie Antoinette, “”translation Difficulties”) rarely makes it into the classic new year’s selections, and this is an unfortunate omission. The plot of “A very Murray Christmas” is simple and beautiful at the same time: on the eve of the holiday, bill is preparing to play a new year’s show and is waiting for star guests.The weather makes its own adjustments to this plan: new York is covered with snow and frozen as if before another Groundhog Day. But is it worth it to lose heart about this on Christmas eve? We strongly recommend watching the film in English with Russian subtitles and enjoy “Jingle Bells”, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and “the Christmas Blues” in the original language. Continue reading

“The dead don’t die”: phlegmatic inevitability

Jim Jarmusch in General in love with zombies was not particularly noticed: Yes, he mentioned them in his previous creation, “only lovers will Survive”, but few people expected a film in the genre of zombie horror from him. As a result, zombie horror, however, did not work: “the Dead do not die” (The Dead Don’t Die) is a viscous, melancholic story with a handful of humor and sad morality, which tries to laugh at the declared genre.

The plot is familiar: there was a global Apocalypse, the world began to change and the dead climbed out of the ground. And the viewer is shown how a tiny American town with a population of just over 700 people copes with such an invasion. Continue reading

"Chronicles of predatory cities": the triumph of the picture over the meaning
Authors, artists and other creators regularly come up with a variety of ends of the world for our world, describe in detail the worlds that grow out of the ashes…


"Spider-man: away from home": what do I want to be when I grow up?
Another marvel movie comic, spider-Man: far From Home, had to perform several tasks. He should somehow smooth out the effect of the "Finale", effectively launch a new phase in the…


"Aquaman": good old illogical Thriller
The film industry loves to flirt with nostalgia. First of all, this feeling is focused on all sorts of sequels-prequels and other sidequels, clinging to the already famous franchise. But…