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Dreams come true: 10 films about the Christmas miracle
New year is a time when dreams come true, and it does not matter whether you live on 3rd street Builders or Fifth Avenue. We have compiled for you a…

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Short on the main thing: five mini-series that you can watch in one day
2018 gave a lot of good projects mini-format, and we have selected for you the best of the best. The list includes the premieres of the outgoing year, which appealed…

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Horror movie man: remastered and dubbed
How much anxiety audiophiles delivers the difference in sound of the two records, while literally next to the movie tracks there is a Texas chainsaw massacre. Discuss? Mastering of the…

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“The first player to get ready”: from geeks, about geeks, for geeks

Steven Spielberg rarely makes movies lately. But it seems as if the project” the First player to prepare ” (Ready Player One) was created for him. It is an action-adventure, steeped in nostalgia for the end of the twentieth century-the time when the adventure genre was ruled by Spielberg films.

The basis of the film adaptation was the novel of the same name by Ernest Kline, and Kline also worked on the script of the film. The story tells how in 2045 the world, which has hardly survived fuel, economic and other social crises, hides from the harsh reality in the virtual reality. This fake world called OASIS was created by James Holliday (mark Rylance, “Spy bridge”, “Dunkirk”), who is compared to Steve jobs in terms of influence on humanity.But, like jobs, Holliday is not eternal-however, he, unlike the prototype from Apple, had no heirs and left a special will: somewhere in the OASIS hid the “Easter egg” (a secret left by the developers, usually not related to the main concept of the game). Continue reading

10 best and worst films about composers

Everything in this world has been covered in movies, and classical music is no exception. The personalities of many great composers aroused the interest of Directors, which is not surprising, as well as the fact that among them — eccentrics and eccentrics, geniuses, tyrants and romantics.

However, to portray the personality of an outstanding composer is always a challenge, especially when it is necessary to show the process of music-making. Just as an incredible amount of training will not make an actor a major League athlete, so the “kapellmeisters” on the big screen sometimes look dubious, arrhythmic, and, even more unforgivably, their hands move in the same direction, while the notes we hear are obviously the opposite. Despite all this, most films about composers are addictive, and some of them can even be called very good. Continue reading

The ghoulish seven: top scariest movies of the 2000s (part 2)

5. “Horror Amityville” (The Amityville Horror, 2005) And another bright representative of the genre in 2005 — “Horror Amityville”. We finally got to the spirits and demons. And again, a remake of the Thriller of 1979. It is not known how important “Based on real events” is to the viewer in this case, but this was in the table of contents of D. Anson’s novel of the same name.A story that destroys, like a house of cards, the typical American dream of a happy family and a big bright house. In paints painting, as a caring husband and stepfather gradually, day by day, from a normal person turns into a possessed beast. Somewhere, I think?” That’s possible. Not Kubrick, of course, but who came to the cinema in adulthood, Andrew Douglas before traded advertising photography, so the picture does not disappoint. In addition, not the last role was played by a successful casting of actors: R. Reynolds, M. George and quite a crumb Chloe Moretz. Continue reading

The ghoulish seven: top scariest movies of the 2000s (part 1)

Have you ever wondered about the reason for such a wide popularity of the horror genre? Is it normal to watch people suffer on the screen? Well, it depends what we take for the norm. Analyzing the popularity of films with a rating of 16, and even 18+, with an abundance of blood, dismemberment and multiple scenes of violence, scientists have come to the conclusion that in this way people — mainly male audience — realize the behavior peculiar to the ancients, or rather — the assessment of danger. The choice to watch horror movies in the viewer is quite conscious: in this case, the desire to get a dose of adrenaline, thrills, which many so lacking in real life. Continue reading

“Bohemian Rhapsody”: the birth and fall of a legend

I can’t assess the impact of Queen on the world — I was born after Freddie mercury died, and I didn’t see Live Aid or the Barcelona Olympics or anything else. But at the same time their songs have been with me since childhood, imperceptibly filled the information space, and the existence of extraordinary Britons who recorded “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Bohemian Rhapsody), as if everyone knew.

The cult of the group, as I think, just lies not in the number of fans, but in its fame. You can not know the facts of the biography of musicians, their favorite colors and the number of spouses, not to have in the brain the entire discography by release date, but to know that these people came together and made such and such a track — and this is in my understanding of fame. Continue reading

"The dead don't die": phlegmatic inevitability
Jim Jarmusch in General in love with zombies was not particularly noticed: Yes, he mentioned them in his previous creation, "only lovers will Survive", but few people expected a film…


History of self-censorship in Hollywood (part 2)
Self-censorship didn't work. Therefore, in 1968, the MPAA rating system appeared. And the debate about it has not subsided until the threat of government censorship , together with the court…


Kim Ki-Duk, high five! Top 5 films of the main humanist of Korean cinema
On December 20, 1960, the world-famous Director Kim Ki-Duk was born in Sobenni village (South Korea). The biography turned out to be motley: he left school as a 15-year-old teenager…