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"Fantastic beasts: the crimes of green de walda": the darkness of heartache
What certainly expects the viewer, going to the film on the universe of "Harry Potter"? Most likely, the feeling of magic, tales — sometimes naive, sometimes harsh, sometimes too close…

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Kim Ki-Duk, high five! Top 5 films of the main humanist of Korean cinema
On December 20, 1960, the world-famous Director Kim Ki-Duk was born in Sobenni village (South Korea). The biography turned out to be motley: he left school as a 15-year-old teenager…

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Netflix's best documentaries: untold stories
The American television network Netflix has a reputation for several years as a supplier of valuable documentaries, including both bright Oscar-winning works and large-scale scientific studies of modern society. Believe…

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17 music videos with the participation of film characters

Today we remember the glorious and, unfortunately, forgotten art form-music videos in the style of cinema. The 80s and 90s of the last century are magical times filled with music videos with plots that have almost completely disappeared nowadays. Often, they expand the motifs of their films by featuring fictional characters along with musicians performing the tracks. Some clips are even regarded as sequels to the films: before the release of the second part of “Short circuit” there was a clip of” Who’s Johnny ” by El De Barge, in which the main characters get to the court session. Below is a translation of ScreenCrush’s selection of the funniest and weirdest examples. Continue reading

“Venom”: back in the nineties

The genre of motion picture comics continues to gain popularity, but in recent years it seems Marvel and its disney stories have virtually become monopolists in this market. Yes, DC is slowly winning back a place in the sun among the series, but in full meter with the marvel pipeline, it seems, there is little that can be compared. And the Sony company, having thought strategically, tries to join this conveyor, for a start – by means of “venom”(“Venom”).

A long time ago, Sony bought Marvel rights to everything related to “spider-Man” as a character, including the villains who got in his way. One of these villains (although it is more correct to call him an antihero) was venom-symbiote, which even lit up in the last “spider-Man” from Sam Raimi.Bearing in mind, apparently, the success of the brutal Fox releases – “Deadpool” and ” Logan — – Sony decided to bet on blood. However, still inscribed it in the framework of the rating PG-13, so as not to lose a profitable audience in the form of teenagers. Continue reading

“Mandy”: and one in the field warrior

It is not necessary to Wake a sleeping bear, know all the inhabitants of the forest and hunters. And that not to Wake Nicolas cage should have been learned by all the movie thugs and murderers, and infernal creatures, too. Let him sleep with his teeth against the wall! But there is no after all, with enviable constancy are Goonies, which this rule try to violate…

This time Nicholas was to be a professional lumberjack named red.

Worked red ledorubom whole turned out at it not bad, although it must be noted that prevents this last image of the cage, become familiar in action movies and family movies. It is not easy enough to get used to the fact that now it is a slow and laconic big man, and not a thin man who likes to chat from the militants or a family man, again without stopping talking something. Continue reading

“Predator” 2018: it would all be funny if it wasn’t tasteless

September 13, “Predator” (the Predator) returned to the big screens. The film was directed by Shane black (Shane Black), who played one of the roles in the cult action film in 1987. We watched the sequel to the famous franchise and tried to understand what “Predator 2018″ has to do with the original, if at all.

Everyone knows the merits of the first two films of 1987 and 1990. Director John McTiernan turned a commando RAID into an ancient Greek tragedy in the midst of a green jungle hell, a March of the doomed. The second film gave way to the debut of” Predator ” commercially, but still Stephen Hopkins also managed to impress with the atmosphere of a sultry bloody summer in Los Angeles and the will to live of the protagonist. Further in the epic there came a time of timelessness when the former assistants of assistants on special effects pitted “Predator” with “Stranger”, and even charged to deal with a monster to the comic suffocator Adrian Brody. Continue reading

Five must-see movies about music

If you want to really feel the life of your favorite artist or band, you should pay attention to the genre of documentary films about music. Agree, nothing captures as the opportunity to find yourself “in the shoes” of a favorite artist.

To date, there are many good films in the documentary genre, and Directors continue to delight us with annual premieres. Over the past decade, there have been at least a few first-class thematic films, well, below is a selection of our favorites.

“What’s the matter, miss Simon?”(What Happened, Miss Simone, 2015)Many documentaries about music are not easy to find after they have been removed from the box office or after being broadcast on TV. Fortunately, with the advent of the Netflix service, something has changed, and now we can enjoy a film about Nina Simone.
The film directed by Liz Garbus is episodes from the singer’s home archive, footage from her life, unreleased songs. “What Happened, Miss Simone” has been presented at several prestigious festivals and nominated for an Academy award as “Best documentary of the year”.The story of this woman is amazing. Continue reading

"Favorite" Yorgos Lanthimos: rabbits, chocolate cakes and other" weaknesses " of Queen Anne
This week in the Russian hire came "Favorite" (The favorite) Yorgos Lanthimos. The film for Lantimosa highly ambiguous and not so pretentious as "Murder of sacred deer" or "Lobster" -…


"Isle of dogs": an adult tale in which dogs are more human than humans
At the box office, Isle of Dogs is the second animated film by Wes Anderson, a self-taught American independent film Director. Known for his individual artistic manner, which is characterized…


"Rocketman": rock ' n ' roll trip through the corridors of someone else's soul
It seems that the era of musical biopics is beginning again in the film industry. But" Rocketman " (Rocketman) has one huge difference from most of these pictures: the main…