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"Aladdin": this movie should be called " Jasmine»
"Aladdin" (Aladdin), seems, was the only cartoon Golden era Disney, where the main, Central character history was not Princess, and its intended-and this even reflected in the title. But in…

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"Spider-man: away from home": what do I want to be when I grow up?
Another marvel movie comic, spider-Man: far From Home, had to perform several tasks. He should somehow smooth out the effect of the "Finale", effectively launch a new phase in the…

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The success story of the Marvel cinematic universe and its impact on culture (part 2)
"Dr. Strange" raised important questions of belief in oneself and in the world, questions of perception of reality and how it can be influenced. It is impossible to leave aside…

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Scary evil: eight charismatic maniacs from the world of cinema (part 1)

We continue to develop the theme of horror, and this time we present a selection of the most intriguing psychopaths from the world of cinema from Hitchcock to the present day. Let’s go!

1. Norman Bates (Psycho / Psycho, the US, 1960)Unconditional classic-the film, binding to viewing all-all-all admirers genre. Surprisingly and naturally: the picture, shot more than half a century ago, and now is not much out of the context of modernity, and perhaps surpasses other “masterpieces” of our days.In “Psycho,” Hitchcock not only uses his signature techniques — a special style, shooting from the point of view of the character and fractional editing-but also introduces the world to the intelligent, pleasant at first glance, the owner of a roadside hotel Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins).By the way, the protagonist of the book of the same name is strikingly different from Hitchcock’s villain. Continue reading

“Alita: battle angel”: the cutest cyberpunk

Cyberpunk, like, by definition, can not be cute: the world in which high tech is combined with low life, most often shown in the dark and damp, highlighting objects with flashes of neon with chopped shadows. “Alita” (Alita: Battle Angel) in reading Hollywood absolutely not such a. She is bright, bright and simply charming.

Simple plot: a girl with amnesia wants to find her past. Complication: the girl is actually a cyborg. A more serious complication: the girl is about three hundred years old and it is collected on the currently unavailable technologies lost after the great War. Simple plot: a girl finding herself, simultaneously acquires friends and enemies, lose a little and those and others, set himself a specific goal and goes to her with the tenacity of an armored train.What is the purpose of film adaptations? Well, it is clear that in the first place the creators of the adaptation want to cut down the dough, of course. Continue reading

“Favorite” Yorgos Lanthimos: rabbits, chocolate cakes and other” weaknesses ” of Queen Anne

This week in the Russian hire came “Favorite” (The favorite) Yorgos Lanthimos. The film for Lantimosa highly ambiguous and not so pretentious as “Murder of sacred deer” or “Lobster” – comfortably watch until the end of, understand that is happening (and even obtain from this pleasure) will be able if not all, then many.

The thing is probably that “Favorite” is not an author’s project, but a commercial one. For the first time, the script of the film was not handled by the Director himself, but by writer and producer Deborah Davis and series writer and Director Tony McNamara.The plot of the film is built around the Palace intrigues between two confidants of the British Queen Anne, the last reigning monarch of the Stuart dynasty. The narrative covers the earliest start time of the reign of Queen — the end of XVII and beginning of XVIII century. Continue reading

Watch and dance: the top seven movies about dancing

“Dance is almost a Declaration of love,” Dostoevsky said. “Cinema should make the viewer forget that he is sitting in the cinema,” Polanski repeated. Movies about dancing or dancing in the movies. Or maybe movie stories about love, passion, self-discovery, midlife crisis. So, today-a selection of films about dances and dancers. Look, enjoy, count the number of repetitions of the root “dance” and do not forget to dance to the beat!

1. “Saturday night Fever” (Saturday Night Fever, 1977)the Film directed by John Badham entered the history of cinema and fell in love with the audience, including thanks to the dances performed by a young John Travolta. Moreover, this tape has become a symbol of the bright, sparkling disco era.The main character is Tony Manero, a Brooklyn hardware store worker. But behind Tony’s seemingly uncouth appearance and uncouth manner lies the vulnerable, sensitive soul of a dancer from God. Every weekend Tony goes to the major club just to dance. Continue reading

“Joker”: there are no superheroes, and there are sick people

“The Joker” is perhaps the most caressed film festivals, the center of which is a comic book character. And it’s understandable why: it doesn’t look like a comic book movie. On the other hand, why tie him to Batman?

Clearly, why: to go to him comic book fans and made him a bigger box office. If the character of such a film was some left-wing uncle, and not the future main antagonist of Batman, I would not go to him. I don’t like movies like that.There are films, you know, heavy, but the severity is different. It can be thick, viscous, as if not yet properly frozen jelly, and this boring. From such a sticky weight you want to get rid of as soon as possible — and it’s easy to do, you can exit the session or close the player window. “Joker” – not dense, it oppressive terrible hopelessness of the broken destiny and romanticization of mental disorders and violence. There is no escape from this hopelessness.Like any self-respecting comic book character that has existed for decades, the Joker has several origin stories. And none of the comics are the same as what Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix showed in the film.Phillips told the story of a sick man. Continue reading

17 music videos with the participation of film characters
Today we remember the glorious and, unfortunately, forgotten art form-music videos in the style of cinema. The 80s and 90s of the last century are magical times filled with music…


"Spider-man: across the universes": a movie comic in the truest sense
The franchise "spider-Man" began its life in the sixties of the last century and for such a considerable period has grown seriously. If all began with the story of Peter…


"Quiet place": hush, mice, cat on the roof
"A quiet place" (a Quiet Place) - a new film is not yet very famous in our area Director John Krasinski next week in the Russian box office. The film…


"Captain marvel": friendly neighbor Carol Danvers
Although a single cinematic universe Marvel and appeared earlier kinovselennoy DC, a solo film about a female character in it came out just now. In the tape "Captain marvel" (Captain…